Summer with the Sinfonia

Tintagel. Photo: Chris Gunn. Wikimedia Commons STUART MILLSON enjoys a super-orchestra’s seasonal offerings The re-formed Sinfonia of London (a recording and film-score orchestra of the 1960s) appeared at the Proms on Saturday 16th July under the baton of the ever-popular John Wilson, for a concert of music by British composers. The programme was made up…

On First Concert at the Bradley Symphony Center, Milwaukee

JACOB RIYEFF (@riyeff) is a translator, teacher, and poet. His work focuses on the Western contemplative tradition and the natural world. Jacob lives in the Upper Midwestern U.S. with his wife and three growing children.”A man’s attitude to life.” (Feb 20, 2022)O Edward Elgar, did you see our facesrapt in darkness, hearts attuned to your celloAs you lay upon your deathbed, tracesOf joy accompanying the low and mellowTones the strings invite our ears to hearAmid glissando runs to keep the mindAnd body clear? You cursed its weak premiereBut here a hundred years past you findA willing crowd to celebrate your movementsAs you lay in Worcester gasping for air‚From lyric to rondo, fulfillmentIn sonic pattern, virtuosic fare.Could you see, in your final agony,Our festival of superfluity?