My Offer, and five readings

JOHN BINGHAM has been writing poetry for nearly 20 years, from his first limerick, ‘Barry the Snail’, to his first competition win with ‘I miss you’. John believes poetry is an amazing tool to help with expressing feeling or aiding with mental health issues and hopes his poems can one day help others.

My Offer

I offered you the world and more and to the moon and back,

and would gladly give my life for you to keep our love on track.

There’s an infinity of areas I may not prove my worth,

But I offer you my happiness whilst we remain on earth.

I offer you the breath I take the place my feet may stand,

I offer you my soul as well, my heart, my head, my hand.

I offer you the life I’ve lived and the life I’ve yet to take,

I offer every choice to you that I may ever make.

I ask with humble hope that the hand I gives enough,

And ask that you stick by me when the choices all seem tough,

I ask for understanding when I’m wrong in what I say,

I’m very far from perfect but I’m trying every day.

I can never give you everything and will never promise to,

but everything I am or own, I offer it to you.

I ask you please to keep it safe my soul and heart’s on show,

and in return I promise you I’ll never let yours go.

JOHN BINGHAM reads five of his poems:
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