ERNEST WILLIAMSON III has published poetry in over two hundred journals including The Roanoke Review, Pinyon Review, Westview, I-70 Review, Decanto, The Cannon’s Mouth,  and Poetry, Life, & Times. Ernest is a three time Best of the Net nominee. Currently, he lives in Tennessee. Learn more here:

What I Was Reading

Nam machina negata

Camped seaway as always.

Autumn is not Autumn’s past nor

milked by the Maine water. Her

squeals were not from pigs.

Twigs were not drawn

from fire but

they were

burned. As were the marshmallows pepper sprayed. We ate afterwards and sat nude seaside, as the crows picked what

was ours.

Pitted ambers stook out as nothing. But maybe

now by New


I will understand.

What I was reading, distended

and not understood.


Bleeding out bright. Red

instead of gray.

before winter

flanked otter’s






 By the moon.

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