Alexander AdamsFrom iconoclasm to ruinsWinter 2020
The decadence and darkness of SymbolismSpring 2021
The rights of the human heart: essays by Camus (review of Personal Writings and Committed Writings)Spring 2021
Marcus BalesParis and HelenAutumn 2020
Ken BellFrom Westminster to Whitechapel and back (review of The Peer and the Gangster)Autumn 2020
Why two tribes went to war – Brexit’s background (review of Brexitland)Winter 2020
Chumservatives (review of Diary of an MP’s Wife)Winter 2020
Brexit blindness (review of Three Years in Hell: The Brexit Chronicles and Heroic Failure: Brexit and the Politics of Pain)Spring 2021
A realm apart: why Brexit happened (review of This Sovereign Isle)Sprin 2021
Edgar BreauInterviewWinter 2020
Mark BrennanLeaving New YorkAutumn 2020
This sporting life – from football to (web)surfingWinter 2020
Allegra ByronSomething rotten in the state of educationSpring 2021
Caroline DaviesThe Pencil Game – Portrait of the Artist as a Student – I poured out my sovereigns among the teacups – ShredsSpring 2021
Paul GarnerBlake’s 7 – moral darkness in deep spaceAutumn 2020
Stephen GarnettFrom cold winds to white heat – the Britain that was (review of Winds of Change – Britain in the Early Sixties)Winter 2020
Claudia GaryMad scientist’s subjects – The littlest angel – TornadoWinter 2020
Benjamin GelmanCorporate accountAutumn 2020
Peter B. GemmaIs there a future for ‘Trumpism’?Winter 2020
Maurice GeorgeHas the National Trust lost its way?Winter 2020
Derek GowReturn of a nativeAutumn 2020
Liam GuilarScenes from a closely observed life (review of Still LifeAutumn 2020
The once and un-killable king (review of King Arthur – The Making of a Legend)Winter 2020
Shores, stars…and unmade beds (review of Bethesda Constellations and The Celestial Set-Up)Winter 2020
Rewriting the Middle Ages (review of Isolated in Aber Cuawg)Spring 2021
Britannia in peril: extract from an epicSpring 2021
Mark GullickGimme shelter – the fall and rise of the 60s                          Autumn 2020
American piety: meet the new bossSpring 2021
After the headrush – (review of Rip It Up And Start Again: Post-Punk 1978-1984)Spring 2021
Rahul GuptaSeasonal interlude for an Arthurian epic: from AutumnWinter 2020
Daniel GustafssonBeacons – Brands – The Loki StoneSpring 2021
Ivan HeadSonnet on the philosophy of lawn bowlsAutumn 2020
Robert HendersonForget coronavirus – the true global existential threaAutumn 2020
Emma Fennell HodsonSummers with foxesWinter 2020
Greg JinkersonA E W Mason – Moral courage and martial virtueAutumn 2020
Worlds before Narnia – C. S. Lewis’s HeavenWinter 2020
Leslie JonesFear of frying (review of Dresden – The Fire and the Darkness)Autumn 2020
Janet KennyAntal Szalai’s Gypsy Band in an Australian Country Town – Flying Foxes – Tienanmen Shopper – WildSpring 2021
Gomery KimberColin Wilson redux (review of Eagles and Earwigs)Spring 2021
Peter KingMod consAutumn 2020
Home learning Winter 2020
Sydney LordMedusa’s hair   Autumn 2020
Stoddard MartinThe genial and the unintelligible – George Santayana on Ezra PoundAutumn 2020
Ronald MaxwellOn the occasion of President Obama’s wreath for the Confederate MemorialAutumn 2020
Stuart MillsonAll the world’s an empireAutumn 2020
A gallop through English mythAutumn 2020
Classical KentWinter 2020
Come back, Mrs. May – all is forgiven!Winter 2020
Orpheans of the fringesWinter 2020
Cornysh, Campion, Dowland: England’s sweet songsmithsSpring 2021
The partition of ScotlandSpring 2021
Faith MoulinThe forgotten LevelsWinter 2020
Helen NeaveNature cureWinter 2020
Christopher G. NuttallRobert Heinlein across space and time (review of The Pleasant Profession of Robert A. Heinlein)Autumn 2020
Dermot O’SullivanRathfarnham – ‘Big House’ borderlandsWinter 2020
Mark PattonWhen gentlemen adventurers step ashoreAutumn 2020
From Jim Crow to George Floyd – a street-level view of US policingWinter 2020
Alex PughAuntie’s anti-conservatismAutumn 2020
Luis QuintaisAmphitheatre – Yes, in all leave-takings – Weapons designed by the gods – A horse speaks – After the horse, Xanthos spoke (tr. by Lesley Saunders)Winter 2020
Rosalind RawnsleyWork with joy – Rawnsley, Ruskin and the Keswick School of Industrial ArtsWinter 2020
Learning from history: Herbart, Hayward and the Celebration MovementSpring 2021
Christopher SandfordA truly progressive rocker (review of Steve Hackett’s Genesis in My Bed)Autumn 2020
Moby Grape – the greatest rock-and-roll combo you’ve never heard ofWinter 2020
50 years of Sticky FingersSpring 2021
Lesley SaundersSee QUINTAISWinter 2020
Aeneas in tears (review of two translations of the Aeneid’s Book VISpring 2021
Barry SpurrWhy Milton mattersAutumn 2020
William StroockThe resurrection and evolution of a metalheadSpring 2021
Lennart SvenssonMountain preachingAutumn 2020
Andrew Thornton-NorrisRichard Whiting – Comedy – The god of modern lifeSpring 2021
Derek TurnerSomething about StonehengeAutumn 2020
Tories and true believers (review of Small Men on the Wrong Side of History)Autumn 2020
Un-easy listeningAutumn 2020
Stuff and nonsense (review of The Culture of My Stuff)Winter 2020
A road by any other name…Spring 2021
David UptonDeep mapping the imaginationWinter 2020
Guy WalkerSpleen, by Baudelaire (tr.) – Human DiscourseAutumn 2020
Seen and unseen – horrors of the Holodomor (review of Mr Jones)Autumn 2020
Of course a man can imagine what it’s like to be a womanSpring 2021
Susan WatsonReading The Rainbow – These are the things that should remain unsaid – In the mouth of the shadow (tr.) – By heartWinter 2020
Selby WhittinghamEnglish impressionsAutumn 2020
Michael WildingJohn Dee and Edward Kelly – through a glass darklyAutumn 2020
Secrets of the archivesWinter 2020
Campus tragedySpring 2021
Alex Woodcock-Clarke“No, Mr Bond – I expect you to die!”Autumn 2020
Rage, rage, rage for the killing of the light!Winter 2020

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